100% cotton print

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Trong cấp trong màu ảnh lớn, kích cỡ màu cao cao, nó được xác định trong hai kiểu kiểu phần mẫu và khi máy tính với chế độ để printing 14 màu / products
Ingredients: 100% Combed Cotton and 100% Combed Cotton
Use: Garment, bedding, pillow.
Weight: 100 - 210g / m2

Fabric characteristics:
- Soft, cool, comfortable and durable
- High humidity
- Diversity in design (pattern, Caro, stripes ...) and colors (up to 14 colors)
- High color fastness (reactive dyes)
- Easy to wash & clean
- Ironing even at high temperatures
- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
Usage: used for dress shirts, dress women dresses, pajamas, beds and curtains

Other functions (according to customer requirements)
- Whitening - Perfecting
- Anti-ultraviolet rays
- Water proof
- Antistatic
- Anti-bacteria
- Ability to burn
- Wicking ..

Control quality:
- Specifications: 4 standard points.
- Suitable for color Standards: tested bởi máy tính sốrometer.
- Oeko-tex certificate

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