100% Tencel

  • Product code: tcq

Product details
Ingredients: 100% tencel
Weaving: Pointing 1/1, cross 4/1, cross 2/1

Outstanding features of Tencel fabric capable of good decomposition in soil, not causing environmental pollution, the solvent of amine oxide used in the production process is completely harmless to humans or reusable many times.

In fact, Tencel fabric has nearly the same structure and characteristics as cotton but has the added advantage of not shrinking, not wrinkling after washing ha used, especially permeability is very good, and no dust. The fabric is like cotton. Tencel with low elasticity and high abrasion resistance is very suitable for the production of high quality bedding products.

Fabric characteristics:
- Soft, cool, comfortable and durable
- High humidity
- Diversity in design (pattern, Caro, stripes ...) and colors (up to 14 colors)
- High color fastness (reactive dyes)
- Easy to wash & clean
- Ironing even at high temperatures
- Non-toxic, environmentally friendly
Usage: used for dress shirts, dress women dresses, pajamas, beds and curtains

Other functions (according to customer requirements)
- Whitening - Perfecting
- Anti-ultraviolet rays
- Water proof
- Antistatic
- Anti-bacteria
- Ability to burn
- Wicking ..

Quality control:
- Specifications: 4 standard points.
- Suitable for color Standards: tested by computer spectrometer.
- Oeko-tex certificate
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